Yellowfang is the main protagonist of Yellowfang's secret, a super edition made October 9th, 2012. In the main series, we meet her when main protagonist Firepaw spots her hunting on Thunderclan territory. They fight, and then a Thunderclan patrol takes her back to camp as a hostage. At a gathering she is spoken about but not mentioned by name. We are told she was exiled from Shadowclan for supposedly killing two kits. We later learn that Brokenstar had framed her for this. When Shadowclan attacks, she defends the nursery earning her clan's trust. Spottedleaf dies and kits are stolen, then Yellowfang goes after the culprit, making her the main suspect. She helps rescue the kits in the end, and drives out Brokenstar. She is made Thunderclan's medicine cat after we learn that Clawface's fur was between Spottedleaf's claw's and not Yellowfang's. Yellowfang eventually takes on Cinderpaw/pelt as an apprentice when her leg is too injured. During a rogue attack, Yellowfang blinds Brokenstar but does not kill him, then admits that he is her son. In Forest of Secrets, she eventually is forced to kill her own son by tricking him into eating yew berries, so that he stops causing so much pain to the forest.

In Rising Storm, she goes to help Fireheart/star save elders from a fire, and ends up dying, saying that Fireheart was the son she wished for. For the rest of the series, we see her appearing in dreams and guiding Jaypaw/feather.

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