Overview[edit | edit source]

Smallear appears in the super edition Bluestar's Prophecy as the mentor of Whitepaw. He participates in the raid to Windclan's camp. Smallear is firstly seen in Into the Wild as the elder that senses trouble, referring to Ravenpaw coming back injured. After that, he is the one who welcomes Firepaw into the clan, together with the other elders, and they share fresh-kill. In Fire and Ice, Smallear is a minor character whom warns Fireheart about upcoming danger.

As of Rising Storm, Smallear is talking with the other elders about Fireheart's deputy ceremony, and how Bluestar broke the code by announcing the ceremony after moonhigh, and he declares that his deputyship will bring Thunderclan a dark time. He does not appear in A Dangerous Path but he's listed in the Allegiances. In The Darkest Hour, Smallear is seen complaining that Fireheart woke him up when the deputy was searching for One-eye. Later in the same book, he cruely mocks Tawnypaw, saying that she will take the same turn her father, Tigerstar took, for the reason that she was late to clean the elders' den.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Smallear is a gray tom, with very small ears, in which one has a nick, and amber eyes.

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